Raving Lunatic (that honks)

So I started dieting recently to complement my exercise and I must say it is both awesome and totally sucks at the same time. Like, right now I want to light up my hooka and watch a miyazaki film….but my conscience won’t let me. Which really pisses me off!

….i think I’ll take a break for my birthday next week

I hate when I’m at work and I have my mind on something else entirely. Like I’m trying to debug my code, but all I can think about is cosplay, youmacon, and how badly I want a nice sewing machine for a new cosplay.

Also a sewing machine for clothing too, non-generic men’s clothing is inexistent in Houghton, MI

Shit!!! My roommate totally saw me winking and posing for myself in the mirror as I was exiting the bathroom…and now I feel ridiculous.

50 fucking llamas

why do I feel like it’s 50 llamas day? where did that even come from? why am I celebrating this?!!?!?!?!

On a scale of one to ten!

Actually no. Just no…. I drank so much last night I was using windows 8 apps
And there’s really no excuse for that

tired and or drunk

soooooo….so………..so so sososossososososo


so I have realized in recent times that the only occasions in which I am social enough to openly talk to anyone out of my close social circles seems to be when I am either incredibly tired or drunk. I think this blog should probably be mostly aimed at those moments of clarity. So I am opening myself to this concept of a blog. anyone who follows this blog can most likely look forward to seeing more frequent inclusions of text posts in such a manner. I’ll probably still blog cosplay n’ stuff too when I get around to it, but mostly just crazed text posts of absolute lunacy all up in here

so i’ve decided this is actually a blog and no longer just for cosplay

my thoughts may lead to disappearance or disappointment, but at least i feel they lead somewhere

so here i am sitting on my porch….smoking a cigar and drinking while thinking that this has lead me to nowhere before…..

.maybe it’s time i start a legit blog!!!